Actress Nora Miao in attendance on Mar 4!

Teddy Robin and Ella Koon in Merry Go Round

Only 4 more days until we head up to the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts to present award-winning Hong Kong film MERRY GO ROUND (東風破) in Richmond Hill. We are especially excited about this event because this independent film was co-directed by Yan Yan Mak and Clement Cheng. For those of you who attended Reel Asian last year, you will remember Clement as the director of our wildly popular Opening Night gala film, GALLANTS. In fact, this event will be extra special because we are lucky to have Actress Nora Miao (苗可秀) from MERRY GO ROUND in attendance at the screening.

Bruce Lee and Nora Miao in Fist of Fury

Nora is famously known from her heydays as Bruce Lee’s co-star. More specifically, she starred in all three of his Hong Kong films: The Big Boss, Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon. Whether you are of my parents generation or my generation, Nora’s face is surely one that you will recognize.  Trust me. You can ask Google.

Merry Go Round
Friday March 4, 2011
7:00 PM (followed by a live Q&A with Nora, catered reception in the lobby and an autograph session)
Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts (RHCPA)
10268 Yonge S, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B7

Tickets available at; in-person at the RHCPA box office; by phone through RHCPA at 905.787.8811. Watch the movie trailer here.