Artist Xu Tan looking for 1st gen immigrants to interview

Xu Tan is a Chinese artist who has found his work allows him to travel all over the world.  He is in the GTA working on a project with the city of Markham.  The project explores the proposed 2010 ‘Food Belt,’ meant to preserve agricultural land the same way the ‘Green Belt’ did with forests.  The project is sponsored by the Trudeau Foundation, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Artist Xu Tan has also been pursuing another project to take advantage of his opportunities to meet people in all walks of life around the world.  He conducts interviews with immigrants in all of the various countries that he works in, and is looking for commonalities between their experiences.  Specifically he is interested in hearing the experiences of first generation Chinese immigrants living in Markham and first generation immigrants from around the world who live in GTA.

If you or someone you know are interested in sharing your experiences, please contact email The interview will be conducted in person.  A video recorded interview is preferred however for those who are interested in participating but not comfortable being recorded on camera, audio recording will be used instead.