Asian moviemakers take on T24 challenge

The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival was born out of a school assignment former Reel Asian Marketing/Industry/Events staff Henry Wong created 5 years ago. This festival focuses on and highlights work by young filmmakers between the ages of 14-28. The festival screenings don’t happen until June but in the meantime, you can get a taste for the event at the T24 screening of work created by 8 teams over 24 (crazy) hours.  
Not only were these teams limited to time and theme, they had to learn to be creative, work with others under pressure, complete a short film from beginning to end and try to stay awake and energized….all at once.  Congrats to all the participants!

We are pumped to see the work of three Asian teams: HERE, THEN, AROUND and C MINOR….especially the work by The Unreel Flip Crew which is made up of Reel Asian’s own Unsung Voices alum Cynthia Wang, Lisa Qiu, Albert Zablan and Althea Balmes.  These bright youths participated in Reel Asian’s inaugural Summer Youth Video Production Workshop last year and completed their first movies ever. Thrilled to see they have continued to hone the skills they developed!

The T24 screening  takes place Thursday, March 7, 7pm at Rainbow Market Square.  Buy tickets here.