Auteurship with Yang Ik-June

Tonight’s closing presentation, Breathless, marks the directorial debut of Korea’s Yang Ik-June, whose credits on this film also include lead actor and writer. In anticipation of the screening, the multi-talented man gave a talk entitled Auteurship on Saturday (Nov 14). He revealed that there were many motivating factors for the film – one was his desire to create a character rather than receive one, another was to use the film as a forum to release anger he felt towards his family (a cinematic exorcism). Without owning a laptop, his screenwriting process began in a notebook which he took outside so the elements of birds, wind and green grass were present…also present were two cans of beer and an MP3 player with only seven songs, needless to say it was a slow process at first. However, when he moved inside and he found his flow and produced 90 scenes in only three days, in fact he confessed he would wish the sun wouldn’t rise so he could continue writing. The result is a film that is said to “shock you and move you in equal measures.”