Barnett’s Picks

Barnett Chow is a member of this year’s 2011 Reel Asian Marketing Committee…he also happens to write a mean haiku.  Here are his picks for this year’s festival:

Surrogate Valentine (Director Dave Boyle, USA 2011)
Low-key charm from lead actor Goh Nakamura simmers underneath this likeable buddy drama. Goh’s introverted character nurses an unrequited crush on a high school friend while embarking on a road trip with a chatterbox television star. Director Dave Boyle captures insightful moments in missed opportunities and the lives of gigging musicians.
Surrogate Valentine will be playing on Sunday, November 13, 3:00 PM at The Royal.

The Sugar Bowl (Directors Shasha Nakhai, Rich Williamson, Canada 2011)
The Sugar Bowl is a fascinating look into rise and fall of an island in the Philippines. Beautiful cinematography and interesting characters frame the island’s attempt to rise above the scars of its past in the sugarcane industry to find its future.


A Drummer’s Passion (Director Mingu Kim, Canada 2011)
Normally, guitarists and lead singers of bands get all the attention. Not if you are playing with Kwon Soon Keun. He is the most animated and entertaining drummer you have ever seen. And he’s 71 years old. Just imagine how he sings karaoke.


Grandpa’s Wet Dream (Director Chihiro Amemiya, Japan/USA 2011)
Psst! Grandpa’s got a secret. He’s a porn star. For 15 years. Peek behind the scenes of the Japanese porn industry and how grandpa began his career. Just goes to prove that you’re never too old to follow your passions.

The Sugar Bowl, A Drummer’s Passion and Grandpa’s Wet Dream are all playing as part of this year’s Trailblazers Shorts Presentation on Wednesday, November 9, 8:45 PM at Innis Town Hall.