Everything & Everyone

Reel Asian alumni, Ian Tang had his Toronto premiere of Everything & Everyone last night.

Bittersweet Complexity replaces the words behind the BC abbreviation of British Columbia, where Everything & Everyone was filmed.  Opening on an eventful afternoon Rose & William snatch a few moments for a funny bedroom fumble while their yet to fly the nest son, Noah, has a special delivery from a care worker in the form of his 8 year old son.  His new found Fatherhood manual seems to have been out of stock & a dog training manual sent out in it’s place as he’s helped by Rose to raise Ben after the sudden passing of her husband.

When best pal Eric visits Noah on the street during his unsuccessful charity collection he meets Max a hot headed businessman who soon becomes more than a partner for sharp banter.

Life being turned upside down by those entering & leaving ripple across the interconnecting relationships between family members and friends.

An added pressure from an unannounced illness balance the comedic elements showing that people we love are never a burden.

Screening Projection Booth East Until Dec 8 1035 Gerrard St. East, Toronto

Showtimes Sat 7pm Sun 1:30pm Mon 5pm Tues, Wed at 9pm Thurs at 5pm