Filmmaker Updates: AmérAsia Festival

The inaugural AmérAsia Festival, produced by our colleagues at CinéAsie, unfolds in Montreal over the first two weekends in March.  We’ve already announced on our main site that AmérAsia will be hosting the first stop on our tour of Suite Suite Chinatown, in an exciting double-bill with Arthur Dong‘s documentary Hollywood Chinese.  Reel Asian hosted the Hollywood Chinese afterparty when that film debuted at TIFF a few years ago so we’re very pleased to be screening with this work in Montreal.

Three other recent Reel Asian films are also in selection at AmérAsia: Gerry Balasta‘s The Mountain Thief, One Big Hapa Family by Jeff Chiba Stearns, and Yang Ik-joon‘s Breathless.  Stearns’ piece won the NFB Best Canadian Film or Video Award at our festival last year, and Breathless was our closing night film in 2009.  Congratulations to all the filmmakers and we’ll see you in Montréal!