Filmmaker Updates (VanCity edition!): Ann Marie Fleming, Su-An Ng

Vancouver-based filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming‘s films have been screened at Reel Asian many times over the years, most recently Window Horses (Karaoke Project) last year.  Her beautiful I Was The Child of Holocaust Survivors was recently selected as one of TIFF’s Top Ten 2010 and now she is being honoured with Women in Film & Television Vancouver (WIFTV)‘s first-ever Artistic Innovation Award. The award is part of WIFTV’s annual Spotlight Awards, a gala show that will kick off this year’s edition of the Vancouver Women in Film Festival. The 6th edition of VWIFF takes place March 4-6 this year and on the jury is none other than Su-An Ng, whose Nature On Its Course won our Animasian Award last year — an award inaugurated by…Ann Marie Fleming!  So it all comes full circle.  Reel Asian is very proud to have both these talented, award-winning Asian Canadian female animators in our family of filmmakers.