Fundraising for International Production of Red Snow

RED SNOW is a story of love and the struggle to reconcile the past with the present in the search for peace and healing. Isabel’s recurring nightmare of her grandparents’ favorite Chinese opera drives her to search for their silenced story. On her journey she falls in love with Jason, a man who is connected to the same forgotten holocaust. Their love unleashes three generations of guilt, shame and pain perpetuated by a massacre still denied by the perpetrators today. When their lives collide they struggle to reconcile the past with the present – for themselves and their families, shaken from their lifelong silence by Isabel’s pilgrimage to uncover the secrets of her grandmother’s history … and her own.

Visit their INDIEGOGO PAGE for more info on their fundraising initiatives for the production.

“We have a big production team of thirteen. We have an important story being told during its 75th year Remembrance of the victims and survivors of the Rape of Nanking. We need your help to raise the $48,888 budget necessary for rehearsals, Canadian artists’ fees and travel for this international production in China in November. Being part of this festival will open opportunities for our artists and future invitations to remount Red Snow in other countries around the world. We are the only Canadian presenters among ten countries chosen for the 2012 international festival. Voicing this story to the Chinese audiences in the country where the horrific atrocities and massacres of WWII have never had a chance to heal, will bring to people the play’s message of reconciliation, healing and the power of art for change.”