Hip hop + Kung fu = Hop fu

Last Friday, Revival hosted the launch of Infinite Kung Fu, a new graphic novel by Toronto-based illustrator Kagan McLeod. Kagan also happens to be the talented artist who made the event posters for Red Heroine, a live presentation of film + music that Reel Asian presented in 2009.

Unfortunately I missed the Q+A with Kagan, but I did manage to get my hands on one of his new novels which he autographed along with a sketch of the female ninja character who was onscreen.

After the artist talk, the party headliners New York-based scratch champions Hop Fu (DJ 1XL and DJ Excess) took to the stage to spin hip-hop (and some drum ‘n bass at the end) over a screening of 1982 Shaw Brothers film Super Ninjas.  SUPER is an understatement! This performance blew my mind. The film is about a martial arts clan who must battle with the 5 elements – ninjas who represent water, earth, wood, fire and my personal fav, the metal ninjas who were painted in bling bling gold! Although this film pre-dates fancy digital graphics and special effects, the martial arts choreography is stellar, costumes are classic and you will even recognize several faces of well-known Hong Kong actors in the days when their hair was still (naturally) black.  Yes, I’m referring to you guys Chan Wai Man and Lo Mang!

Here’s a clip of the performance. To follow Hop Fu on Facebook click here.