With the holiday season just around the corner, it is definitely the time to give and receive.  With crowd-funding becoming more common, sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter have given filmmakers a new and immediate way to raise awareness and cash for their projects.  Here are a few worth supporting and stuffing into your stockings.

The Sticking Place Interactive Documentary – one of the collaborator’s of this project is Su-An Ng whose short film Nature on its Course screened at Reel Asian in 2010.  Help Su-An and her team reach $20,000!

The Shinsedai Cinema Festival is a showcase of independent Japanese films founded by Chris Magee and Jasper Sharp.  Next year the festival moves to Revue Cinema and are raising funds to help bring Japanese guests to the 2012 event.  Shinsedai has been a longtime support of Reel Asian. Help Chris and his team reach $7,000!

Little Miss Jihad is a dark comedic film directed by Stephanie Law who was the winner of this year’s Reel Asian So You Think You Can Pitch? Competition. Stephanie is currently fundraising to hire cast and crew. Help make Little Miss Jihad’s goal of $6,000 possible!

Yung Men is a 17 minute family drama conceived by Vancouver-based filmmaker Jason Karman.  Reel Asian screened Jason’s short film State of Yo in 2008. Jason was also one of the established category finalists for this year’s Reel Asian So You Think You Can Pitch? Competition. Help Jason reach $5,500!

Thorns is the newest webisode to come out of a group of students in Ryerson University’s Radio and Television program – including Reel Asian’s own Festival Assistant Eva Ho.  This series will follow the misadventures of 7 members of a Toronto-based Christian youth group as they confront the challenges of their faith and relationships. Help Eva and her team raise $2,000 for production costs!

Click on above project titles to visit their website. Happy giving!