Kpop Star Henry Lau makes his acting debut!

Food Films. We can’t get enough. If you know Reel Asian, then you know we love food. Cakes are never limited to birthdays. There are fast food coupons at the front of the office. We’re constantly talking about where to eat next. There is serious grubbin’ here.

We’ve also shown multiple food-related films at Reel Asian before too including Night Market Hero, Oxhide, Fruit Hunters, Dal Puri Diaspora, and most recently Zone Pro Site.

This month, Reel Asian will be co-presenting another food film, Final Recipe, at TIFF Next Wave Film Festival! What a surprise to see that this film features Kpop star, Henry Lau! Well it was a surprise for me, anyway… an ex-kpop fan who knows allllll about Henry Lau’s story. In the end, it makes perfect sense for Toronto boy Henry Lau to present his acting debut in front of hometown audiences.

FINAL RECIPE screens at TIFF NEXT WAVE this Saturday February 15 at 6:30pm. Buy tickets here! Find out more after the jump!








The third annual TIFF Next Wave Film Festival, programmed for youth aged 14 – 18, brings the best in film from around the globe, along with an exciting slate of special guests, interactive workshops and a 24-Hour Film Challenge for young filmmakers.

Final Recipe

High-school senior Mark (Henry Lau) has a natural talent for cooking. Despite this flair for food, his restaurant-owning grandfather, Hao, insists he pursue a more stable profession once he graduates. But when Hao falls ill and the restaurant faces foreclosure, Mark hatches a secret plan to enter a nationally televised cooking competition in Shanghai. As he ascends through the competition rounds, his talent attracts the attention of show creator Julia Lee (Michelle Yeoh, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), leading to a final challenge no one could have predicted. Featuring the acting debut of Toronto-born K-Pop sensation Lau, Final Recipe is a charming comedy-drama that will leave you feeling inspired, delighted — and probably a little hungry too.