Movie-ing and munching in Hong Kong

Last week I attended the Hong Kong International Film Festival and Hong Kong International Film & TV Market for the first time.  Not only did I get a chance to watch a multitude of fantastic films (including RA filmmakers Arvin Chen’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Luo Li’s Emperor Visits the Hell and Huang Ji’s Trace), I also got the chance to meet new distributors, put some faces to names of people we’ve been working with from across the globe and hang out with like-minded folk working at other film festivals.

Highlights of the trip were all the fatty-pork-and-seafood-induced meals I shared with Goran, Hiroshi, Coco and Sam (from the New York Asian Film Festival), attending the Asian Film Awards and watching a miniature-sized Andy Lau walk across the stage from afar with King-Wei (Fantasia Programmer and former Reel Asian jury), and feasting on sushi and ginger milk dessert in Causeway Bay with Vega (Jump Across Films) and Ezra (IglooFilm). Of course no trip to Asia is complete without a little (or ALOT) of karaoke…..singing until the sketchy speaker fell from the ceiling.  Don’t know if it was the conditions of the seedy Wan Chai joint we were in or the fact that my sis and I were belting tunes off key.  Either way, it was a sign – go home and come back when you have learned to sing.