Reel Asian Picks at Hot Docs 2014!

Hot Docs 2014 Festival films and schedules were announced! From April 24 to May 4, the festival will feature 197 official selections from 43 countries. Note the new location of the festival box office: 2 Bloor Street West (Cumberland Terrace – Lower Level).

Here are some of our picks from the festival (Read more HERE):

  • TOUR OF DUTY (Dir. Kyoung-tae Park, Dong-ryung Kim | South Korea) : A dark, strikingly beautiful portrait of the remnants of a US military camp in South Korea through the words of the women left inside it, Tour of Duty delivers an artistic and empowering account of an atrocity yet to be atoned for.
  • TOMORROW WE DISAPPEAR (Dir. Adam Weber, Jimmy Goldblum | USA) When their neighbourhood is illegally sold to real-estate developers, the magicians, acrobats and puppeteers of Delhi’s famed “tinsel slum” use every trick in their arsenal to fight against their own disappearing act.
  • WALKING UNDER WATER (Dir. Eliza Kubarska | Poland, Germany, UK) The last compressor diver from the Badjao tribe in Malaysian Borneo imparts his wisdom and diving techniques to a young student in this magical look at tall tales, tradition, tree spirits and tourism.
  • THE BEIJING ANTS (Dir. Ryuji Otsuka | China) In 2013, apartments in Beijing reached the equivalent of $10,000 per square metre, far too expensive for a young family who moves to the suburb of Tongzhou, in this cautionary tale about capitalism and customer service in modern China.
  • MY PLACE (Dir. Emmanuel Moonchil Park | Canada, South Korea) Tensions arise when the director’s sister decides to become a single mom in Canada. Far from South Korea where her more traditional parents live, the family is forced to straddle two worlds in order to raise the child.
  • WONDER WORLD OF ICE (Dir. Ilkka Rautio | Finland) Chinese ice sculptors arrive in Finland’s largest ski resort to create a wonderland made of ice. Accompanying them is a young Chinese student who is to become the resort’s panda mascot. A blend of culture, craft and calling to a better life.
  • AI WEI WEI THE FAKE CASE (Dir. Andreas Johnsen | Denmark) Out on probation after 81 days of solitary confinement, outspoken Chinese artist Ai Weiwei returns home to Kafkaesque police surveillance, house arrest and a pending lawsuit. Yet he finds creative new ways to provoke government authorities.
  • LOVE HOTEL (Dir. Philip cox, Hikaru Toda | UK, France) The Angelo Love Hotel in Osaka, Japan, shares its sexy secrets in this intimate glimpse into a venue where everyday people seek refuge, privacy and play. This unique world is now being threatened by increasing conservatism enforced by the “entertainment police.”
  • KALYUG (Dir. Juri Mazumdar | Italy) In this breathtaking debut from director Juri Mazumdar, old folklore tales and legends from the Bhil, an indigenous people living in central India, are interwoven with situations faced by their people today.