Six degrees of Oriental Pearls

On Saturday night, Lesley Chan and I attended the preview screening of Cuong Ngo’s Oriental Pearls, a project that we were eagerly anticipating since the launch of its trailer last year. This feature film was filmed in picturesque Vietnam and is based on six short stories by author Minh Ngoc Nguyen – all themed on different interpretations of love. The cinematography was beautiful, the actors were gorgeous, and the music compelling. The screening was followed by an engaging Q&A where we found out that the music was scored by renowned artists Alexina Louie and Alex Pauk. Because the film has minimal dialogue, the musicians were tasked with the challenge of creating the kinds of emotion that the audience should feel, emotions that are prompted not by words, but by sound. Currently Cuong is working on plans for a public screening…in the meantime, you can watch the film’s trailer here.

It was only recently that I found out Cuong and Lesley were classmates at York U. At this event, I also learned that the same composers who worked on Cuong’s film also worked on Lesley’s film Redress Remix which screened at Reel Asian last year. Talk about 6 degrees of separation.