Trash talking and cake walking

Last night the RA gang participated in the annual Artist Run Centre Holiday Cookie Bake-off.  After feeling like we were ripped off last year (what do you mean rice krispies aren’t a cookie?), we had been racking our brains for the past two weeks on the age old debate of fashion (cookie display) over function (tastiness of cookie).  We finally decided on baking the infamous Domo cookies which Eva our Festival Assistant introduced us to last year. After a test run, our cookies were ready for whatever judging or trash talking there was in store for them.

Thanks to Henry, Gina and Eva our set-up resembled the “Franco on the red carpet” campaign of 2011…..

…but alas, we did not place in the top 3, nor did we receive an honourable mention (although I have to admit our friends from SAVAC fully deserved theirs for the cheese-infused creations they brought).  But as one judge said, “we are all winners” because after the judging is over, the submissions are all up for devouring.  After being on a wheat-free diet for a month let’s just say the overloading of cake flour, sugar and cream in the span of 2 hours was more than I will need for the rest of the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, if you have not crossed off all the names on your gift list might I suggest heading over to Black Dog Video.  This indie video store will be shutting its doors for good after 9 long years in the face of rising rent.  The owner has started liquidating its entire stock (most DVDs ranging from $5-15) and will be doing so until the end of December.  By the time I stopped in last weekend, I was told “most of the good titles had been snatched up by cinephiles”.  Nevertheless I still managed to walk away with Project A2 (Director Jackie Chan, 1987 – though upon putting it into my PS3 at home, I sadly discovered it was dubbed in English boooo), A Better Tomorrow (Director John Woo, 1986), Better Luck Tomorrow (Director Justin Lin, 2002), From Beijing With Love (Director Stephen Chow, 1994) and Winners and Sinners (Director Sammo Hung, 1983). Please show this indie store some support and buy while you still can.