Celebrating Canada’s Top Ten at Yuzu

Last night, Heather, Joyce and I had dinner at Yuzu with 2 of Canada’s Top Ten – Deborah

Chow (High Cost of Living) and Lixin Fan (Last Train Home). It was a treat to have a relaxed meal with these two filmmakers, both recently based in Montreal, to hear about their current and future projects (Deborah is working on her next project in LA and Lixin will soon be travelling to China with the Sundance Institute to present LAST TRAIN HOME), and to see all the connections that we shared and didn’t even realize.  Lixin, of course, was our guest last year when we presented Last Train Home in Richmond Hill, but this was the first time we were able to meet Deborah in person. We were joined by Reel Asian founder Anita Lee, board member Alice Shih, filmmaker Keith Locke, and film blogger Grace Wang.

Yuzu always takes good care of us, but the biggest hit last night was the black sesame ice cream. I’m not sure you can get it anywhere else in the city – a definite must-try for the Asian foodie.