Dim Sum 101 at Harbourfront Fortune Cooking Festival

Just before the screening of Killing of a Chinese Cookie this evening, Chris and I scoped out the food pavilion looking for potential vendors for the festival… and found Spring Rolls (long-time RA supporter) offering a little Dim Sum 101! Recently, I have had more than a couple of friends confess that they had never tried dimsum because the whole ordering process was too much of a mystery – so [at the risk of this posting sounding like too much of a blatant plug] I was happy to see that Spring Rolls is attempting to de-mystify dimsum for the un-initiated with a glossy menu and big shiny pictures.   I can’t vouch for the taste, since we had to run back in to greet the audience at the screening, but process-wise, it can’t get much easier than this.  Dim sum 201: Rol San?