Livin’ in the blogs of the common people

Stopped in at the Duke of York for the September edition of the Toronto Film Bloggers Meet-Up organized by James McNally of Toronto Screen Shots. This monthly pub night brings together a large cross-section of Toronto’s most passionate and articulate film-lovers, many of whom have shown lots of love to Reel Asian in the past. We’re doing more this year to actively reach out to the blog community – not just to let them know we appreciate the grassroots support they’ve given us over the years, but to find out how we can make their festival experience better.

Check out our Blogroll to the right – we’ll be adding more friends  as we get closer to the festival; in the meantime, a big ‘hello’ to all those I met at the Duke this month, new friends and old: Big Thoughts from a Small Mind, Dark of the Matinée, Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind, Final Girl, Row Three, Subtitle Literate, TOFilmfest, Toronto Film Scene, Toronto J-Film Pow-wow, and of course Toronto Screen Shots. A special shout-out to the Movie Moxie – Shannon wasn’t able to make it to the Duke that night but she has provided comprehensive onsite day-by-day coverage of Reel Asian since 2007! (Apologies to anyone I met but forgot to mention here.)