Meat Tasting and Candy Sampling

Tonight Chris and I checked out the Artscape Wychwood Barn event showcase. This was the venue’s opportunity to show off their preferred caterers and suppliers. This sounded like both an educational and delicious field trip, how could we say no? We sampled several sweet and savoury treats but highlights were mini pulled pork sandwiches with rapini made by The Stop Community Centre, key lime tarts by Marigolds & Onions, crab cakes with aioli served on leaves by Urban Fare, and chocolate marshmallow mushrooms by Presidential Gourmet.

My favourite part of the evening was when we were dropping off our coats and bags at coat check and the attendant asked Chris to “just zip his coat check tag into the pocket”.  Well, if you know Chris like we do, you know that is not an acceptable solution. He promptly took out a hole puncher and elastic band from his front pocket and created his own custom tag fastener. I have been through one festival with Chris now so his random acts of MacGyver-ness are a true blessing when you find yourself in a festival bind…..and also when you happen to come across your typical Thursday evening pickle.

Artscape Wychwood Barn is located at 601 Christie Street. To find out more about what’s happening within the Barn community, click here.