Meet you at the CanAsian Dance Festival

Louanne and I attended the opening night of the CanAsian Dance Festival last night, and were treated to an incredible range of dance performances, including the Mi Young Kim Dance Company and an incredible performance of Sufi whirling dance by Ziya Azazi.

We ran into more than a few friends there including Nancy Yu who is part of our festival PR team, Christopher Jones from Live With Culture who covered SUITE SUITE CHINATOWN for us in the fall, and Arthur Yeung, SUITE SUITE CHINATOWN‘s composer, who will be performing a new work Passages at the Harbourfront on March 12, a collaboration with Lesley Loksi Chan, Laura Kappel, and Angie Molina.
We couldn’t, of course, resist the reception snacks provided by our long-time friends at Spring Rolls.

The CanAsian Dance Festival continues tonight through Saturday.