The dust had hardly settled on the sunset of the festival before it was time for a reunion!  Last night was the staff appreciation party at Central.  After looking up a map to get to the venue I was convinced that it was being held inside Honest Ed’s.

I was all excited at the prospect of flicking those famous lights on and off all night making Bloor in to a mini disco or perhaps sending out Morse code up to space for attracting Santa.  I didn’t have to rely on the mercy of the big man in a red suit to get a treat as Sonia had organised with the bar to put out a foody selection of eatables and a tipple from the interestingly designed beer taps.

As the celebration wound down the venue switched over to it’s comedy night called I <3 JokesRon Josol got the most laughs from the crowd with his Filipino Dad delivering bootleg DVDs dressed as Mr. Claus wearing green jogging pants in an Xmas tale.

Reading this back I think my white Movember whiskers may have become possessed by the spirit of Saint Nicholas, which makes a change from the usual sneezes contracted at Sunday’s parade.

Tonight it’s the turn of volunteers to partake in the celebrations.  These deserving individuals truly are the elves that bring the magic to the festival with their hard work and dedication.