No Home but a lot of Heart

Day two was down to business and a stark contrast from the frivolity of the opening night.

I made my first visit to the Industry Series taking place at the NFB Mediatheque downtown.

Whilst speaking to Siya the Coordinator and hearing about the Speed Dating session I was under the naive impression that the festival was fostering romance!  This was definitely a meeting of minds where Romeo was not included.

Heading up stairs I sat in on an expert panel in discussion for The Next Wave of Careers: What’s Next?  At the core of the event it was clear you need to have a reinvention of yourself and the skills you possess as the evolution of media continues,  growing limbs and taking steps in new directions.  You have to be a Jack of all trades to be placed on the toe taking these turns.

My new favourite trio of tips are:

Content of quality , Communication conducted offline and Continuous partial Attention

Allowing enough time I moved to the next venue, the Innis Town Hall.  It was easier to find than I expected and only a few wheel spins over from where I was.

I collected my ticket from the guest service area again and took time to catch my breath before what would be a quite harrowing Canadian Spotlight feature called Home. Director Desiree Lim tells the story of Burmese refugees escaping military junta and arriving in Malaysia to face an equally as bleak position of persecution.  Starting as a reconstruction of events Home then turns to the brave people recounting their stories.   The underground qualities captured are extraordinary as was Lim’s pick up a camera and capture attitude that was explained in the Director in Attendance portion of the evening. Home on Facebook

Sign the petition to stop arrest, detention, and deportation of Burmese Refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia