Opening Night at After Dark

Friday night (the 13th! Ooooooo…) was opening night of the 5th Toronto After Dark Film Festival and a big crowd turned out to see The Last Lovecraft, a comedy-horror-buddyflick hybrid.  While not one of the festival’s bigger pictures, I thought it was a good choice to open the festival with – not too heavy on the gore and splatter, while still paying homage to the spirit of the genre films that After Dark is known for.

My friend Shannon (aka the Movie Moxie) has great day-to-day coverage of After Dark, so I’m not even going to try to keep up with her, but here’s a blurry iPhone pic I snapped in the Bloor Cinema lobby of Rebecca Gimmi (Justina M. Barnicke Gallery) and Gina Rim, Reel Asian’s new volunteer coordinator.  That’s long-time RA volunteer Scott Townsend in the background. (I know, he’s hard to identify without his iPad…)

The entire principal cast and crew of The Last Lovecraft flew themselves up from LA to be at the show, which was their international premiere.  It was really nice to see them up on stage and genuinely pleased to be there – too bad I was sitting too far back to get any good snaps.  I did manage to get this somewhat-less-blurry pic of Todd Brown, the man behind the influential Twitch Film site, in one of the souvenir Cthulu masks handed out by the filmmakers.

Reel Asian is co-presenting all the Asian features at After Dark.  Click here for more info.