Pats to Back Please

Wednesday night was the very end of the Reel Asian gig for me with a big party for the volunteers at Dazzling.

It was tempuratastic with lots of giveaways that never seemed to stop.  Operations manager Chris amazingly still had a voice after a week of projecting it in to the crowds used his powerful tone to narrate the treats up for grabs.  Even I won some ninja socks which at first I mistook for gloves meant for kids with flippers.

It’s like my big toe has swine flu and lives in it’s very own quarantine zone away from the other little piggies.  Just the other day I had a conversation where I mentioned that ninja was considered a bad word while I was growing up.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the UK.  I guess the people in power thought kids would green up and go on a nun chuck crime spree if you mentioned the N word.

I’m sure the volunteers will agree that they have been gastronomically well looked after.  The extra calories are balanced out by all the running around that is done at the festival.

It was also an extra special occasion as volunteer coordinator Miss Gina celebrated her birthday.  A trio of gateaux were the perfect icing on the cake to say thank you very much!