Planet in Focus kicks off festival with live barn owl…whooooo!

Planet in Focus Film Festival - Sept 22 2010 press conference

Joyce and I had the pleasure of attending the first ever press conference for the 11th Annual Planet in Focus International Environmental Film + Video Festival at the ROM this morning.  From beginning to end, we were reminded of the importance of the mission of this festival – from walking through the cool halls past the natural history exhibits to the rare live European barn owl that the guests had the honour of seeing up close to the touching words by Opening Night film director Ron Mann (IN THE WAKE OF THE FLOOD).

This year, Reel Asian is very proud to co-present NEW BEIJING: REINVENTING A CITY, a documentary directed by Georgia Wallace-Crabbe about the new face of China following the construction boom and end of the Olympics.

I am particularly fascinated by this subject as someone who visited China in 2003 and then again in 2005.  In a mere 2 year span, China had completely undergone a massive constructive facelift with newer, wider, shinier roads and glass buildings where there used to be barren, dirt roads and vast fields.  I returned for a brief visit in 2008 just prior to the world-famous Olympics and barely recognized the city.  I can only imagine what other extraordinary changes will take place in the next 5 years.  Whoooooooo knows!