Shrimp chips, milk tea and Pocky, oh my!

Last night the Cinema Studies Students Union of U of T (CINSSU) held their weekly free screening at Innis Town Hall.  As a new initiative spearheaded by the Reel Asian Special Events committee, Nobi & Henry set-up a concessions stand stocked with Asian flavoured refreshments care of local Japanese grocery store Sanko. Movie goers were able to select from an assortment of snacks – from milk tea and sugar cane drink to mango jello cup, chocolate Pocky sticks and shrimp chips – prior to watching The First Spaceship on Venus.

It was a good turnout and there seemed to be positive response to our new venture so we plan be back again next week!  Through chatting with one of the students, I discovered that not only is there such thing as “Men’s Pocky” (I’m told it’s slightly larger than regular Pocky and is covered in dark chocolate), apparently having a pack of Pocky in the Eaton Centre makes you a chick magnet…you learn something new every day.

Note: CINSSU has partnered with Reel Asian to present DOOMAN RIVER on Nov 10 and BI, DON’T BE AFRAID! on Nov 11.