The Power of Stinky Compels You (To Go To Asian Night Markets)

I hope you all had a chance to check us out at the Waterfront Night Market this past weekend, held at the downtown T&T Supermarket on Cherry Street.  We had a game of wheel of fortune going on where every spin gave you a cool prize, which included DVDs and Blu-Rays, movie passes, movie posters, t-shirts, hats, hugs from Yang (seriously – waaaaaaay too many people were trying to CHEAT on the wheel to land on those hugs) and more!

Louanne and Gina tries stinky tofu

While we were all working hard to provide the crowd with some entertainment, I also had my own personal mission: to get Louanne Chan to eat stinky tofu for the first time!   She was a pretty good sport about it.  I actually made her try two different kinds.  The first, which was Hong Kong style slices with chili and sesame oil, she thought was okay and not as bad as she imagined, except for the bad breath.  Then I brought her the Taiwanese style ones, which are cubed and comes with pickled cabbage, hoisin sauce and hot sauce.  They’re supposedly more potent in smelliness.  When Louanne tried it, she described it as “dirty feet with blue cheese doused in hot sauce” to which I must ask: Louanne, why do you know what dirty feet tastes like and why have you tried it with blue cheese?

mmm, ice cream with bacon toppings

Speaking of tofu, we also had some of the non-stinky variety.  There was a vermicelli and shiitake stuffed tofu and fisk cake that was pretty awesome.  One of the Filipino caterers also had these cool quail eggs with apple cider vinegar that Yang and I liked.  The team also tried some other delicacies during our time there.  Yang keeps raving about the Taiwanese pork belly wraps as if they’re the best thing since ice cold Melona bars.  Sonia managed to get some REAL takoyaki – no knock offs for her!  One of our volunteers, Terence, bought us some BBQ puffer fish.  We also had ice cream – with BACON!  Mmm…  Everything was so cheap too – BBQ lamb skewers were being sold for $1 per stick throughout al four days!  And of course, with the insane 50+ degree heat, none of us could’ve survived without the alluring power of FREE pineapple refills – thank you Pineapple King!