How About a Free Movie with that Street Meat?

Who doesn’t love night markets, especially Asian style ones? What can be better than the smell of stinky tofu as it fills the air while you make your way through rows and rows of assorted Asian treats with a hollowed out pineapple filled with juice in hand? We have the answer for you – how about a free movie to go with it!

Reel Asian will be at two of the biggest Asian food events in the GTA; Night It Up in Markham (July 13-14) and the T&T Waterfront Night Market in downtown Toronto (July 20-22). In addition to satisfying our appetites, we will be presenting five films over the next two weekends at the different night markets. What better way to spend a summer weekend evening than to eat some great food under the stars with an awesome movie playing? I asked my fellow members of the marketing committee to tell us how it’s done.

At NIGHT IT UP in Markham, we will be presenting two romantic comedies; WHAT WOMEN WANT starring Andy Lau and Gong Li and LOVE starring Vicky Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Amber Kuo and Eddie Peng. Huddle up with that special someone and enjoy a sweet treat. Louanne recommends Bacon and Nutella flavoured ice cream, a unique spin on a traditional treat.

Philbert vs break-dancing superstar, Zen 04

Heidi is all about the fried and delicious food and Philbert agrees. When he is not busy starring in Vietnamese dance films (SAIGON ELECTRIC will be playing on Friday July 20 at the T&T Night Market), he enjoys his daily diet of deep fried potato products like Shake Shake Fries.

Speaking of which, Heidi is right about how you cannot attend an Asian night market without something fried and delicious and one of Mingu’s favourite is deep fried squid tentacles. Yum! Amongst other delicacies are oyster omelets (Yang’s favourite) and curry fish balls (Yoomee’s choice). If you want more inspiration on what to eat at the night market, catch NIGHT MARKET HERO, playing at T&T on Saturday, July 21.

On Sunday at T&T, we’ll be showing a trilogy of short documentaries by Tadashi Nakamura (YELLOW BROTHERHOOD, PILGRIMAGE and A SONG FOR OURSELVES). Come check it out while enjoying some Takoyaki, another of Louanne’s favourite.

As for me, I’ll definitely be lining up for stinky tofu at least once and will be getting more than my share of pineapple juice refills. If you’re at the downtown waterfront event, come over to our booth and say hi. Don’t worry, I’ll be chewing gum.