ImagineNATIVE Co-Presentation

Reel Asian is proud to be co-presenting imagineNATIVE’s SPOTLIGHT ON TAIWAN on Sat 23 October.


Tribal Heartbeats: Tsou Fish Story

Spotlight on Taiwan
Sat Oct 23, 3:00PM | Al Green Theatre at Miles Nadal JCC

Tribal Heartbeats: Tsou Fish Story
Director Kao Chichang | 2010 | Taiwan | 19min 5sec
North American Premiere | Tsou with English Subtitles

This beautifully cinematic film transports us back in time to experience the age-old traditions surrounding Tsou fishing villages.


What Men Don’t Know
Director Xie Fui-mei | 2009 | Taiwan | 24min 5sec
North America Premiere | Mandarin with English subtitles

Emerging female director Hsieh Fu-Mei crafts an intimate film, giving us an exquisitely rare glimpse into the lives of the Yami women on Orchid Island.


A Kuroshio Love Story
Director Maraos | 2009 | Taiwan | 52min
North America Premiere | Tao with English subtitles

Set against the backdrop of a modest fishing village, this romantic tale embraces the importance of tradition, while celebrating the strength and resilience that only true love can nurture.


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