PLANET IN FOCUS Co-Presentation

Reel Asian is proud to be co-presenting New Beijing: Reinventing a City at Planet in Focus on Sun 17 October.



New Beijing: Reinventing a City

Sun Oct 17, 5:15PM | Al Green Theatre at Miles Nadal JCC

Director: Georgia Wallace-Crabbe | 2009 | China/Australia | 53min
English/Mandarin with English subtitles

As China emerges as the new economic powerhouse of the 21-century, no one can disrupt the biggest construction boom in the world’s history. As International architects create icons in Beijing, we marvel at the city’s new face. With the end of the Olympics hundreds of new projects are expected to begin. The architects of the iconic buildings (Watercube, Birds Nest, Stadium, National Theatre) and their future visions contrast with that of hutong activist Zhang Jinqis project to photograph the last heritage districts of the old city, which are soon to be demolished. With 400 cities of the size of Beijing to build by 2020 China has little time to reflect.

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