Reel Asian co-presents Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Reel Asian is proud to co-present romantic comedy Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? at Inside Out!


Reel Asian co-presents Taiwanese director Arvin Chen’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? at this year’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival. Inside Out takes place May 23 – June 2, 2013 at TIFF Lightbox. Reel Asian screened Chen’s Au Revoir Taipei in 2010.

Director Arvin Chen
Monday, May 27, 9:45pm
TIFF Lightbox – Cinema 2
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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? is a whimsical romantic comedy that centres on two Taiwanese couples who are trying to navigate the rocky road of love amid emotional and sexual upheaval.

Affable optician Weichung is married to office clerk Feng. The couple have one child and Feng yearns to have another. But Weichung is restless and unfulfilled—and he’s not the only one. His impulsive sister, Mandy, is engaged to sad sack San-San but dreams of becoming a soap star. Weichung’s life grows more complicated when it becomes clear that his past is far less straight than he lets on. At
his sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner he crosses paths with Stephen, a flamboyant old friend who encourages Weichung to return to the gay life he had before getting married. When a handsome young flight attendant ventures into Weichung’s store, it’s love at first—or near—sight, and although Weichung tries to fight his urges, he can only hold out for so long.

Director Chen brings a light touch to the proceedings, peppering the action with pop culture references and comedic set pieces that result in a delicious cinematic confection that is never too sweet.