WAKING THE GREEN TIGER with Planet in Focus

Reel Asian is co-presenting WAKING THE GREEN TIGER on Sunday October 16th, 1:45 pm at the Royal Ontario Museum.

greendragonReel Asian is co-presenting WAKING THE GREEN TIGER at the 12th Annual Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival.


Dir. Gary Marcuse | 2011 | 78 min | Documentary | Mandarin, English with English Subtitles
Sun. Oct. 16th | ROM | 1:45 pm | Director in Attendance


Chairman Mao believed that Nature was to be conquered in the name of Progress. Millions were mobilized in campaigns that reshaped China’s landscape, destroying lakes, forests and grasslands. For years anyone who countered this approach was silenced, until very recently when an environmental movement began to take root in China and ordinary citizens began speaking out for environmental reform.

Seen through the eyes of activists, farmers and journalists, Waking the Green Tiger follows an extraordinary campaign to stop a huge dam project on the Upper Yangtze River in southwestern China. Featuring astonishing archival footage never seen outside of China, as well as interviews with a government insider and the people who are working to save the river, Waking the Green Tiger is an inspired look at the new environmental movement in China.

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