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Calling all teachers! Register your class for Reel Asian’s 2009 Youth Program at the festival!

Photo: Joyce Wong

Every year, Reel Asian presents a youth programme in conjunction with the National Film Board Mediatheque where high school student groups are given the opportunity to engage with emerging directors to discuss how filmmaking relates to important issues facing young people. In addition, the NFB offers a hands-on stop-motion animation workshop called ‘Animate the Issues’ to create their own animated public service announcements (PSAs).

Admission for the screenings is $5.00, with the workshops free of charge. There is a limited capacity for both workshops and theatre seating, so please reserve in advance with Merrill Matthews, Team Leader, NFB Mediatheque, at (416) 973-7114 or With questions in regards to lesson plans and the film & video programming please contact

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Youth Programmes at Reel Asian:


Youth Presentation | Thu Nov 12 | 1:00 pm | NFB Cinema

A fun selection of short fictions, comedy and animations that discuss gender & stereotypes.  Titles include Oblivion & the Blind by Cindy Mochizuki, Fair Trade by Leslie Supnet, Secrets by Nadia Tan, Lan & Lea by Khoa Le, The Humberville Poetry Slam by Emily C. Chang and Dan De Lorenzo, Curse of the Jade Falcon by Tracy D. Smith, Diane Chea by Diann Chea, and Do Good by Alison S.M. Kobayashi.


Youth Presentation | Fri Nov 13 | 1:00 pm | NFB Cinema

A selection of sweet stories and short documentaries. In the face of being cast as “outsiders” these individuals stand out and stand strong. Titles include Jolly Melancholies by Jeff Tran,My name is Tuan by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, Travels With My Brother by Christine Alexiou and June Chua, When I Grow Up by Toshimi Ono, Motoo by Adele Pham, and A Song For Ourselves by Tadashi Nakamura.


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