Sponsorship Opportunities

Photo: Mike Tjioe

The Toronto Reel Asian International Festival offers exceptional sponsorship opportunities to meet your organization’s marketing, entertainment and philanthropic goals.

By supporting Reel Asian, you will gain access to our knowledgeable audiences, including first generation and established Asian Canadians, film industry professionals and diverse segments of Toronto’s population who are drawn as much to Asian culture as to the art of cinema. Programming at Reel Asian appeals to specific communities, interests and tastes, also allowing you to focus your marketing efforts on valuable niche markets. Your investment in Reel Asian will allow you to promote your brand and products, entertain clients, reward employees, and demonstrate your support for film in Canada.

Reel Asian is dedicated to building strong partnerships that benefit sponsors, the Festival and its audiences. For more information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities for your organization, please call 416-703-9333 or email kristine@reelasian.com