What is an Active Listener?

Some films in this year’s festival contain topics that can be hard to digest. For those who are feeling challenged or triggered during or after watching any of the films, we have arranged for an Active Listener support service. 

These Active Listeners use a trauma informed approach to offer peer-to-peer emotional support, mental health resources or a space for you to process your thoughts and emotions for any of the films or programming material that may be challenging for you. 


How do I access an Active Listener at Reel Asian?

Reel Asian Film Festival has arranged for Active Listeners to be available during a 3 hour time slot every day of the festival at a drop in basis everyday of the festival via Zoom or by phone. All discussions are confidential.

Patrons can access the Active Listeners by dropping into the Zoom links for the specific Active Listening sessions listed below.

When you click on the Zoom link you will be held in the waiting room in case there is already a patron in session with an Active Listener. The Active Listener will simply message you communicating when they will be available to talk. 

Active Listeners:

Amanda Lederle

Amanda (they/them) is a neurodiverse, queer Chinese-Canadian born, recovering perfectionist and empathic human. Their goal is to leave every conversation knowing that the individual feels a little more heard than when they began. Amanda is also the founder of CreateBeing, a company that focuses on creativity and mental health. Amanda has been trained as a Peer Support and completed their Mental Health First Aid certification.


Vasthi Seide

Vasthi is a registered social worker who currently provides mental health supports in a health care setting, Vasthi has worked in community-based agencies to support youth in their families in navigating challenges surrounding social determinants of health for over five years. She has experience working in community development, project management, research, and public speaking. Vasthi works from an anti-oppressive framework that addresses the systemic barriers impacting the mental health of marginalized and underserved communities. Vasthi is the founder of Trinity Connects a mental health initiative created to support marginalized communities when dealing with mental wellness.

chris/teen salik

chris/teen (she/they) is a queer South Asian arts & mindfulness facilitator, crisis responder, & founder of Healing Hearts Through Art (h2art).  They combine their experience within arts-based wellness, mindful space-making, and active listening to facilitate moments of sharing, compassion, and growth.

Call / text – (289) 779-4114


Active Listening Sessions:

Nov 10 – Vasthi Seide on Zoom (8pm-11pm)

Nov 11 – Amanda Lederle on Zoom (3pm-6pm)

Nov 12 – chris/teen salik  on Zoom (11am-2pm)

Nov 13 – chris/teen salik on Zoom (2:30pm-5:30pm) 

Nov 14 – chris/teen salik on Zoom (9am-12pm)

Nov 15 – Vasthi Seide on Zoom (8pm-11pm)

Nov 16 – Amanda Lederle on Zoom (8am-11am)

Nov 17 – Vasthi Seide on Zoom (8pm-11pm)

Nov 18 – Amanda Lederle on Zoom (10am-1pm)

Nov 19 – chris/teen salik on Zoom (11am-2pm)

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