Revisit the 2023 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

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Invasive Species

Director: Annie Ning link to Instagram link to website
USA, 2023 • 13min

Dance on! Nonoko!

Director: Wanci Hua link to Instagram link to website
USA, 2023 • 5min

The Old Young Crow

Director: Liam LoPinto link to Instagram link to Instagram
USA, 2023 • 12min


Director: Maya Tanaka link to Instagram link to website
2023 • 16min


We Will Be Brave wins Audience Choice Feature Film Award.

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The Asian Cut

A review of Terrestrial Verses.

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A review of Mustache.

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CBC Entertainment

CBC Entertainment highlights films that centres the theme "family relationships", including The Queen of My Dreams, The Taste of Mango, Okiku and the World, and In Flames.

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Soompi covers A Small Fry in the 27th Reel Asian lineup.

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In The Seats

Review of S-Express: Malaysia shorts programme.

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POV Magazine

POV Magazine covers the highlights of the 27th edition of Reel Asian.

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The Globe & Mail

The Globe and Mail talks to Reel Asian executive director Deanna Wong and artistic director Aram Siu Wai Collier about programming and Asian films in the ever-changing filmmaking landscape.

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