Artistic Statement

Canada, China, USA65 minEnglish and various languages with English SubtitlesAnimation, Dance, Documentary, Drama, Family, LQBTQ+ Filmmakers, Women Filmmakers

These six dynamic films touch upon art not solely as a creative practice for self expression but an integral force in making space, along with the responsibilities that come with it.

Dancing On My Own

Alexandra Cuerdo Profile Image

USA202013 minEnglishInternational Premiere Dance, Documentary, Family, LQBTQ+ Filmmakers, Open Captions, Women Filmmakers

Rated PG

A love letter to the queer Asian community, director Allie Cuerdo finds the strength to come out and rebuild a relationship with her mom with a little help and inspiration from New York’s radical dance party Bubble_T.


Bentonville Film Festival, 2020
Asian American International Film Festival, 2020

Directors Bio

Alexandra Cuerdo

Alexandra “Allie” Cuerdo is an award-winning Filipino-American director, writer and producer recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women In the World by the Filipina Women’s Network.

Atomic Café: The Noisiest Corner in J-Town

Tadashi Nakamura, Akira Boch Profile Image

USA202010 minEnglishInternational Premiere Documentary

Rated PG

Hardcore and punk to the max, this electric documentary shares the story of Atomic Nancy and the infamous Atomic Café in L.A.


Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2020

Directors Bio

Tadashi Nakamura, Akira Boch

Tadashi Nakamura was named one of CNN’s “Young People Who Rock” for being the youngest filmmaker at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and listed as one of the “Top Rising Asian American Directors” on IMDb.

Akira Boch is an Emmy-winning filmmaker and Director of the Watase Media Arts Center at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.


Steffi Tupe Profile Image

Canada201914 minEnglishDrama, Family, Women Filmmakers

Rated PG-13
CW: Sexual harassment

A newcomer to the film industry, Margo’s careful and cautious actions make clear the insidious traces of misogyny that permeate through.


Maya Wong
Anthony Caputo
Logan Freeman
Emily Bolanos

Directors Bio

Steffi Tupe

Steffi Tupe is a first-generation Filipino-Canadian writer, director and producer with three dramatic short films under her belt Two Ladies, Sister and Margo.


Shirley Camia Profile Image

Canada20202 minEnglish with English SubtitlesInternational Premiere Animation, Family, Open Captions, Women Filmmakers

Rated PG

Created by a community of local Filipinx creatives, Novena is an affectingly crafted poetry animation touching upon grief, mourning, and healing.

Director Bio

Shirley Camia

Born in Winnipeg, Shirley Camia is a Filipina-Canadian poet who has lived across Canada, the Philippines, Japan and Kenya. Novena, based on her poem of the same name, is her debut poetry film.

Father Figure

Tanya Hoshi Profile Image

Canada20195 minEnglishWorld Premiere Documentary, Family, Open Captions, Women Filmmakers

Rated PG

Pakistani-Canadian artist Wahab Jaffer endearingly retells his journey from collector to artist and imparts the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Director Bio

Tanya Hoshi

Tanya Hoshi is a Pakistani-Canadian film and web series producer/director based in Toronto, Canada. When she’s not working, Hoshi is mentoring emerging filmmakers by helping them find their footing in the industry.


Yiru Chen 陈伊如 Profile Image

China202019 minChinese Sign Language and Shanghainese with English SubtitlesCanadian PremiereDance, Drama, Family, Open Captions, Women Filmmakers

Rated PG-13
CW: Homophobic statements

Beautifully poetic, Handscape tells the story of Xia Qing and his desire to dance despite his mother’s outright disapproval.


Zhenyu Tang


Show Low Film Festival 2020
National Film Festival for Talented Youth, 2020

Directors Bio

Yiru Chen 陈伊如

Yiru Chen is a film director, artist, and poet. Her goal is to promote education and art of sign languages – an essential key to Deaf culture, along with members of both communities.

12 Nov, 2020 10:00 am

to 19 Nov, 2020 11:59 pm

ASL Interpretation provided at live Q&A by
Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service

Live online Q&A with special guests

Join us in conversation with directors and special guests in attendance! ASL interpretation will be made available thanks to Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Services. Ticket holders can watch on the CineSend Reel Asian portal.

November 16, 2020 at 8PM

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