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Join the CBC as they discuss new opportunities and methods for pitching digital content. The panel will cover the newly launched Creator Network, and CBC Gem’s YA Digital Originals stream and include information on what executives are looking for creative, production considerations, submission details and how to navigate working with the CBC.

About Reel Ideas

The Reel Ideas Symposium - On World-Building responds to a growing momentum of digitization initiatives and strategies through dialogue with artists, community organizers and industry professionals. These sessions gather visions of radical world-building that mobilize, engage and strengthen creative communities, to usher in better presents and futures.

Admission: $3.49 per session / $10.99 for Reel Ideas Access (all panels)


Anita Li • Media strategist, Consultant and Instructor, The Other Wave

Anita Li is a media strategist and consultant with a decade of experience as a multi-platform journalist at outlets across North America. She is also a journalism instructor in the Greater Toronto Area and at the City University of New York; her areas of expertise include community-driven journalism, audience engagement, audience-pay business models, newsroom diversity, media ethics and journalism innovation. Anita co-founded Canadian Journalists of Colour in 2018, and is also a member of the 2020-21 Online News Association board of directors.


Rignam Wangkhang • Producer, CBC Creator Network

Rignam Wangkhang is an award-winning Tibetan-Canadian multimedia producer with the CBC. He is currently a Producer at the CBC Creator Network, which seeks to improve the relevancy of the public broadcaster by discovering and developing the work of independent filmmakers and digital content creators across Canada. He serves as the Chair DiversifyCBC, an Employee Resource Group that represents over 350 people of colour to advocate for diversity and inclusion at the CBC. He is also a founding member of the Chyssem Project, an oral history project showcasing and celebrating the 50-year immigration story of Tibetan-Canadians. Rignam has produced documentaries, essays, and reported for the CBC from Yellowknife, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

Zach Feldberg • Programmer, CBC Digital Originals 

Zach Feldberg oversees the YA Digital Originals programming slate, developing and commissioning series for CBC Gem, the public broadcaster’s streaming service. In his time at the broadcaster so far, he has overseen such titles as Warigami, The 410, Farm Crime, My 90-Year-Old Roommate, Save Me, The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island, Coming In, the Emmy-nominated series The Amazing Gayl PileHow to Buy a Baby, and many more.

Uytae Lee • Filmmaker, About Here

Uytae Lee produces videos that inform and engage the public on the complex issues surrounding our cities. His videos on his YouTube channel “About Here” have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, helping raise awareness on topics such as housing, skytrains, street food, and much more. In addition to his YouTube channel, Uytae produces a column with CBC Vancouver under the same name where he challenges audiences to ‘rethink’ their city.

16 Nov, 2020 4:00 pm

to 5:30 pm


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