Continuous Journey

Canada200487 minEnglish, Punjabi, Urdu with English subtitles

Continuous Journey is a complex tale of hope, despair, treachery, and tragedy. It is a revealing Canadian story with global ramifications, set in a time when the British Empire seemed omnipresent and its subjects were restless and seeking self-determination.

In 1914, Gurdit Singh, a Sikh entrepreneur based in Singapore, chartered a Japanese ship, the Komagata Maru, to carry Indian immigrants to Canada. On May 23, 1914, the ship arrived in Vancouver Harbour with 376 passengers aboard: 340 Sikhs, 24 Muslims, and 12 Hindus. Many of the men aboard were veterans of the British Indian Army, and believed that it was their right as British subjects to settle anywhere in the Empire they had fought to defend and expand. They were wrong…


Gold Conch, Best Documentary, Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films, 2006

The Colin Low Award for the Most Innovative Canadian Documentary, DOXA Film + Video Festival, Vancouver, 2005

Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature, San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, 2005

Director Bio

Ali Kazimi

Ali Kazimi is Reel Asian’s Canadian Artist Spotlight in 2021. Appropriately for our 25th festival, the documentary filmmaker, media artist, activist, author, and educator  has been a fixture in the Asian Canadian community, and we celebrate his over three decades of vital contributions to Canadian media. In 2019, Kazimi became the first Indo Canadian to receive the Governor General’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in Visual and Media Arts award winner. His documentary and media-arts work deals with race, social justice, migration, and memory, and emphasizes essential connections across racialized communities, between personal and public, through past and present. 

Born, raised, and educated in India, Kazimi came to Canada to study film production at York University in 1983. Two decades later, after receiving over two-dozen awards and honours as an independent filmmaker, Kazimi returned to York, where he is currently an associate professor in the cinema and media arts department.

10 Nov, 2021

to 19 Nov, 2021





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