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Deep in the night, Fai and his friends are sleeping on the streets of Sham Shui Po, the poorest district in Hong Kong. The police arrive without notice and clear out their belongings, their makeshift homes reduced to roadside trash. With the help of social worker Ms. Ho, Fai takes the case to court, while he and his friends struggle to create a new home.

Based on a true story from 2012, Drifting sharply observes Hong Kong’s inequalities and injustices. Shot during the 2019 protests, without directly mentioning them, the film has clear resonances with its social milieu. Featuring stellar performances by Hong Kong actors new and old, including veteran actor Francis Ng and rising star Cecilia Choi, Drifting is a quietly raging film about dispossession, justice, and the right to live in an unlivable world.

- Ron Ma


Francis Ng

Cecilia Choi

Loletta Lee



International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2021

Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2021

Far East Film Festival, 2021

Director Bio

Jun Li

Jun Li studied journalism in Hong Kong and gender studies at Cambridge. In 2017, his short film Liu Yang He won the Fresh Wave Award and Best Director at the Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival. He made his feature-directing debut with Tracey in 2018, which received nine Hong Kong Film Awards nominations, and followed it up with Drifting. Li has also been a reporter, a playwright, an actor, an essayist, and a film critic.

10 Nov, 2021

to 19 Nov, 2021





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This presentation has English subtitles.

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