Inbetween Girl

USA202189 minEnglishDrama, Reel Asian Award Winner, Women Filmmakers

After being met with the destabilizing news of her parents’ divorce, Angie, a teenage, mixed-race Asian girl, reckons with her multiracial identity and sexual awakening in this quirky coming-of-age story. Her Asian-ness is called to question when her Chinese father begins dating a Chinese woman with a daughter who shares his culture and language. Angie’s feelings of inadequacy are met with her white-dominated surroundings in Galveston, Texas, fetishizing her mixed-race identity

Angie, an unpopular highschooler, secretly ignites a sexual relationship with Liam, an all-American popular high school boy. She questions her morality when she befriends Sheryl, Liam’s popular Instagram-influencer girlfriend. Inbetween Girl explores Angie’s journey of girlhood using a whimsical variety of animation and mixed-media to explore her teenage angst, looking at young love, race, desire and belonging. 

- Sarah Barzak


Emma Galbraith

William Magnuson

Emily Garrett



South by Southwest, 2021

Center for Asian American Media, 2021

Deadcenter Film Festival, 2021



Audience Award, South by Southwest, 2021

Director Bio

Mei Makino

Mei Makino became passionate about making movies at age 11 in Galveston. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in radio-TV-film and received the university’s Standifer Emerging Filmmaker Award twice. During school, she wrote and directed short films that played at the Rockport Film Festival, Dallas VideoFest, PBS, and ESPN’s Longhorn Network. Post-college, she taught filmmaking and writing to youth in the Austin area with Creative Action and her alma mater Film Camp for Girls, which inspired her to tell honest stories about kids and teens.

10 Nov, 2021

to 19 Nov, 2021





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