My Missing Valentine

Taiwan2021119 minMandarin, Taiwanese with English subtitlesCanadian PremiereDrama, Fantasy, Romance

Hsiao-chi has never been an ordinary girl. She is always a step faster than everyone else, perhaps too fast for her to connect with anyone romantically. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Hsiao-chi’s anxious about finding someone. When she finds herself the dream date, she goes to bed looking forward to Valentine’s Day. But to her surprise and disappointment, she wakes up on February 15. Maybe A-tai, the bus driver who is a step slower than everyone else, has the answer to her missing Valentine’s Day. 

This whimsical and heartwarming love story will take you on a journey to find Hsiao-chi’s missing Valentine’s Day. As you piece the puzzle together through the two different perspectives of Hsiao-chi and A-tai, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its fairytale-like way of unfolding a story about “bad timing.” A talented cast, including rookie Patty Lee, will make you wish the tale would last a bit longer.


- June Kim


Patty Lee

Liu Kuan-ting

Duncan Chou



Busan International Film Festival, 2020

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 2020

Far East Film Festival, 2021



Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing, Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, 2020

Audience Choice Award, Asian Pop-up Cinema, 2021

Crystal Mulberry Award, Black Dragon Award, Far East Film Festival, 2021

Director Bio

Chen Yu-hsun

After receiving much acclaim with his first feature Tropical Fish (1995), Chen Yu-hsun left the film scene and focused on advertisements until he returned to filmmaking in 2013. My Missing Valentine, his fifth feature, won multiple awards at various festivals including the Golden Horse Awards.

10 Nov, 2021

to 19 Nov, 2021




  This presentation has no captions.

This presentation has English subtitles.

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