Taipei Suicide Story

Taiwan202045 minTaiwanese Mandarin with English subtitlesToronto PremiereDrama, Reel Asian Award Winner

In a society different from what we know, a hotel in Taipei welcomes suicidal people and assists them in committing the act by providing several methods that they can choose from. Over the course of one night, a receptionist starts to defy the rules and develops an unusual friendship with a hotel guest who can't make up her mind on whether she wants to live or die. 

Thoughtful and poetic, Taipei Suicide Story uses a few glimpses of grim dystopia to enforce transcendental and deeply human connections. The narrative explores the suffocating sensation of loneliness with a casual, empathetic and sweet approach, thus removing the social stigma and neutralizing the fleeting experiences between the two characters. KEFF's new film reflects on the mundanity of existence, the possibility of death or the opportunities of life, and the gift of choice—and the difference it makes.

- Roland Basmayor


Vivian Sung

Tender Huang



Cinéfondation Selection, Cannes Film Festival, 2020

Fantasia Film Festival, 2021

Golden Harvest Short Film Festival, 2021



Grand Jury Prize (Narrative Features), Audience Award (Narrative Features), and Acting Award (Tender Huang), Slamdance Film Festival, 2021

Emerging Director for Narrative Feature Award, Asian American International Film Festival, 2021


Director Bio


KEFF is a Taiwanese American multidisciplinary artist, and lives in New York and Taipei. He is an open-format DJ and producer, as well as a writer and film director. His first short film, Secret Lives of Asians at Night, was supported by the Spike Lee Film Fellowship and won the Jury Award for Best Asian American Film from the Director’s Guild of America. His second short film and NYU thesis, Taipei Suicide Story, had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival (Cinéfondation) and won the Grand Jury Prize (Narrative Feature) at the Slamdance Film Festival.

10 Nov, 2021

to 19 Nov, 2021





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This presentation has English subtitles.

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Content Warning:

This film contains the potentially triggering topic of suicide.

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