Titles featured in GIF Roulette

36 Chambers of Shaolin
Above the Rim
Aces Go Places
Aces Go Places 2
All the Wrong Spies
Boyz n the Hood
Brave Archer
Brave Archer 2
Chicken and Duck Talk
Chungking Express
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Deer Bell
Dimensions in Dialogue
Dr. Slump

Eat Drink Man Woman
Five Deadly Venoms
Front Page
God of Cookery
God of Gamblers 2
Golden Warrior Gold Lightan
Hard Boiled
I Love Maria
In the Mood for Love
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Legend of the Condor Heroes (1983 TVB)

Momotaro Sea Warriors
Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom
Mr. Vampire
Nine Venoms
Old Master Q
Return of the Condor Heroes (1983 TVB)
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman
Security Unlimited
Sixteen Candles
Spider and Tulip
Stand By Me
The Lost Boys
The Magic Touch
The Private Eyes
Touch of Zen
White Men Can’t Jump

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