In Relation

Canada, USA55 minEnglishDance, Documentary, Family, Women Filmmakers

In a world that feels ever so divisive, these three documentaries take a closer look at what it means to create new pathways for community mobilizing, recognize shortcomings of identity markers, and acknowledge the solidarity work that remains undone.

Accidental Activist

Jinung Chung Profile Image

Canada202022 minEnglishDocumentary, Family, Open Captions

Rated PG

Friend, immigration attorney, father, brother and ultimately a humanist, this inspiring documentary sheds light on the ways El-Farouk Khaki has dedicated himself to creating a world of wellness and oneness.

Director Bio

Jinung Chung

Jinung Chung is the Producer at JbyJ, a team of award-winning documentary artists based in Toronto doing their part to make our world a more inclusive place for all. Chung makes his directorial debut with Accidental Activist.

Turf Nation

Jun Bae Profile Image

USA202013 minEnglishToronto PremiereDance, Descriptive Captions, Documentary, Open Captions

Rated PG

Paving their own paths towards freedom and independence, Turf Nation follows the street dancers who perform on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) trains in Oakland as they navigate their interpersonal relationships, the system, and their burgeoning dance influence. 


Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, 2020
Cinequest Film Festival, 2020
Calgary International Film Festival, 2020


Directors Bio

Jun Bae

Jun Bae is a Tokyo-born Korean director. His work often centers on dancers, exploring themes of underground culture and freedom of movement. He holds an MFA degree in Documentary Film from Stanford University.

But You’re Not Black

Danielle Ayow Profile Image

Canada201919 minEnglishDocumentary, Family, Women Filmmakers

Caught between two seemingly isolated worlds, director Danielle Ayow interrogates her own cultural identity as Trini and Chinese with much heart and humour. Sometimes asking is not enough as Ayow’s process makes clear the harm of essentializing identity and ultimately, the limitations of language. 



Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival, 2020
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2020

Best Documentary Award, Caribbean Tales International Film Festival, 2020

Directors Bio

Danielle Ayow

Danielle Ayow is a Toronto-based writer, actor, and comedian. In 2017, Ayow developed an 8-minute proof of concept version of But You’re Not Black with the help of Reel Asian to secure funding for this 20-minute version. This is her first time directing and writing a documentary.

12 Nov, 2020 10:00 am

to 19 Nov, 2020 11:59 pm


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ASL Interpretation provided at live Q&A by
Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service

Live online Q&A with special guests

Join us in conversation with directors and special guests in attendance! ASL interpretation will be made available thanks to Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Services.

November 16, 2020 at 1PM

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