November 17th to 20th, 2021 | 5pm to 8pm | Fairview Library

See the city in a new light! Reel Asian is thrilled to partner with the City of Toronto’s BigArtTo, a city-wide initiative involving large-scale projections across 25 wards in the city, to represent Routes & Rituals. Mark your calendars for November 17 to 20 as Routes & Rituals will be projected onto Fairview Library from 5pm to 8pm. 

Routes & Rituals is originally a program contributed to Critical Distance Centre for Curator’s large-scale durational project Phase I of Place Settings. The program features video-based works by artists Nelson Wu, Farrah Miranda, and Basil AlZeri who approach food through bodied, material sites that reflect our relationships to one another, the land, and ourselves. These works expand beyond food as the act of consumption, contemplating varying pathways food is brought into existence, whether through kitchen utensils from a beloved store, repetition and stillness in sites of food preparation, or collective movement as resistance. Beyond the content, the respective formats of each video-based work further interrogate and negotiate the complexity and fluidity of food relationships. 

Looking to see more? Viewable online alongside the works are in-depth artists talks that share further insight on the process, themes, and reflections of the project. Audio description are available for all works and Q&As for free online through VUCAVU.

Presenting Partners

Audio descriptions by

Nelson Wu
Artist, Tuesday

Nelson Wu is a Chinese Canadian artist who creates pixel art and illustration. Graduating from OCAD University, he is currently working in the video game and entertainment industry. He has produced a variety of illustrations, pixel art, and animations. He is inspired by his experiences in Asia; a sense of nostalgia and surrealism are often themes present in the work.

Farrah Miranda
Artist, Speaking Fruit

Born in the Gulf to parents who were migrant workers, Farrah Miranda’s lived experience has confronted her with the way people, places, objects and experiences are bordered. This inspires aspects of Miranda’s artistic practice in which she questions how borders are enacted through processes of categorization, securitization, censorship and control.

Moving between the gallery and the public sphere, Miranda creates situations that actively engage the viewer. With mediums that range from manipulated found objects to performance, installation and new media, she experiments with the pedagogical possibilities of art in undoing colonial borders, citizenships and illegalities.

Basil AlZeri
Artist, a recipe for a bleeding heart

Basil AlZeri is a cross-disciplinary visual artist living and working between Toronto and Waterloo region, Canada. AlZeri’s practice involves the intersection of art, education, and food, taking multiple forms, such as performance, drawing, video, and ephemeral installation. His ongoing research and practice examine the politics and significance of work in our lives. Issues he addresses include professionalization, careerism, emotional/immaterial/unrecognized labour, and the co-optation of relational practices by socially engaged art. AlZeri’s work has been exhibited in Amman, Dubai, Halifax, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Regina, Rome, Santiago, Tartu and Toronto.

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