Canada, Malaysia, USA202182 minEnglish and various languages with English subtitlesComedy, Dance, Documentary, Drama, Family, LGBTQ+ Filmmakers, Sci-fi, Women Filmmakers

Amid the abundance of narratives revolving around kin, this presentation of shorts brings refreshing and surprising takes into the un/intentional family-centric storytelling landscape, offering room for possibilities and reimaginings.


Audrie Yeo Profile Image

Malaysia202110 minTeochew, Mandarin with English subtitlesNorth American PremiereDrama, Family, Women Filmmakers

While offering a proper funeral to a severed bird’s head, Ah Ger is unexpectedly visited by the ghost of her grandmother, who urges her to help find and care for her egg.


This presentation has English subtitles.

Active Listener symbol  An Active Listener will be available to offer one-on-one peer support for viewers who may find the content of this presentation triggering. More info on how to access here.

Content Warning:

This film contains the potentially triggering topic of domestic aggression.


Director Bio

Audrie Yeo

Audrie Yeo is a Malaysian Chinese filmmaker of Teochew descent who graduated from the National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage with a major in film and video directing.


Keone Madrid, Mari Madrid Profile Image

USA202111 minEnglish, Tagalog with English subtitlesCanadian PremiereDocumentary, Family, Women Filmmakers

76-year-old Arturo Madrid reminisces on the hardships, wonders, and realities of migrating from the Philippines to the United States in this tender and poetic documentary.


Closed Cqptions symbol  This presentation has closed captions.

Director Bio

Keone Madrid, Mari Madrid

Keone and Mari Madrid take an approach to utilizing human movement in visual and emotional ways through their inventive dance vocabulary.


Alice Charlie Liu Profile Image

Canada202113 minEnglish, Chinese with English subtitles World PremiereDrama, Family, Reel Asian Award Winner, Women Filmmakers

Struggling with finding her artistic voice, Jessie is an aspiring photographer and art student trying to balance her role as a daughter in her larger family.


This presentation has English subtitles.


Director Bio

Alice Charlie Liu

Alice Charlie Liu is a photographer, designer, and director based in Toronto and New York City. She is an alumni of TIFF Next Wave, Telluride Film Festival’s Student Symposium, and a Tribeca Film Institute Film Fellow.


Ian Bawa Profile Image

Canada20203 minEnglishFamily

An endearing portrait of director Ian Bawa’s father as he attempts to give life and marital advice to his bodybuilding and image-obsessed son in this hybrid semi-autobiographical short.


  This presentation has no captions.


Director Bio

Ian Bawa

Ian Bawa is a filmmaker from Winnipeg. Bawa is currently adapting Strong Son into a feature film, set to shoot in 2022.


Jasleen Kaur Profile Image

Canada202114 minEnglish, Punjabi with English subtitlesFamily, Sci-fi, Women Filmmakers

When a highly respectable family moves into the neighborhood, Kira grows suspicious of her new neighbors' seemingly flawless daughter.


This presentation has English subtitles.

Director Bio

Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur is an award-winning filmmaker based in Vancouver, best known for directing Maple and producing the Blumhouse film, Pharma Bro, chronicling the rise and fall of the infamous pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli.


 Profile Image

Canada20216 minEnglish, Tagalog with English subtitlesCanada PremiereComedy, Family

Independence Day takes a shallow-end dive in presenting what a picnic might look like within the Filipinx diasporic experience in North America.


 This presentation has English subtitles.

Director Bio

Tier Zero is a set of individuals who collectively agree on finding synergies between clients, ourselves, and talent. Expect fun, loose banter, and intention.


Courtney Loo, David Karp Profile Image

USA202114 minEnglish, Mandarin with English subtitlesCanadian PremiereDrama, Women Filmmakers

When Frances and her children come upon a seemingly abandoned little girl, their attempts to help have unforeseen consequences.


Closed Cqptions symbol  This presentation has closed captions.



Director Bio

Courtney Loo, David Karp

Courtney Loo and David Karp are a directing duo based in New York. They co-founded Thrice Cooked Media, a music-management and film-production company, representing Pink Sweat$ and KIRBY.


Fawzia Mirza Profile Image

Canada, USA202111 minEnglishComedy, Family, LGBTQ+ Filmmakers, Non-binary Filmmakers, Women Filmmakers

All cards are on the table when Noor brings Luz home for the first time on the family's annual game night.


Closed Cqptions symbol  This presentation has closed captions.

This presentation has English subtitles.

Director Bio

Fawzia Mirza

Fawzia Mirza is a queer, South Asian, Muslim (she/they) writer and director. Her feature Me, My Mom & Sharmila, inspired by her one-woman play, has been supported by Telefilm Canada and will enter production in 2022.

10 Nov, 2021

to 19 Nov, 2021




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Sber Vancouver

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