Shorts Presentation: S-EXPRESS MALAYSIA

Malaysia2021-2022TRT: 1h07English, Bahasa Melayu, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Experimental Horror, Family-friendly, Mockumentary

Initiated in 2002 by Yuni Hadi (Singapore), Amir Muhammad (Malaysia) and Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thailand), S-Express has become an annual showcase of programming from Southeast Asia, spotlighting the abundant filmmaking talent and a nuanced insight into the stories of each participating region. This year, Reel Asian presents S-Express Malaysia, programmed by Chong Lee Yow of Mini Film Festival, featuring five films depicting one's ability to (un)trap themselves from limitations set upon them, be it bodily, mind, or soul, to achieve relief and victory.

Directors Bio

Ms. Pontianak

Alina Wong JinKei Profile Image

Malaysia202122 minEnglish and Bahasa Melayu with English subtitlesComedy, Directed By Women, Mockumentary

A beloved horror actress questions the triviality of her career starring in Pontianak films, all the while being filmed by a group of documentary filmmakers.

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Director Bio

Alina Wong JinKei

Alina Wong is a Malaysian writer-director who strives to tell stories that incite wonder, conversations and emotions.

Cruel (Kejam)

Aldina Lydia Nabilah Azani Profile Image

Malaysia202215 minMalay with English subtitlesExperimental, Horror

A religious officer and a journalist embark on a close-proximity case in a house that seems to have other plans.

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Director Bio

Aldina Lydia Nabilah Azani

Although she shines with positivity, Aldina Lydia Nabilah binti Azani’s head is still full of sadness and darkness.

The Sisters (Soeurs)

Yazeid Suhaimi Profile Image

Malaysia20217 minMalay with English subtitlesExperimental

Two sisters seeking revenge for the murder of their sister, Isabel.

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Director Bio

Yazeid Suhaimi

Extremely attentive to visual details and storytelling, Yazeid Suhaimi is proficient in directing and cinematography roles especially in short film, commercial, photography, and music video.

A Worm, Whatever Will Be, Will Be (住在她身体里的虫)

Mickey Lai Profile Image

Malaysia202212 minCantonese with English subtitlesDirected By Women, Documentary, Family-friendly

Unaware it's her dementia-ridden grandmother’s final months, a filmmaker documents her grandmother's physical changes.

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Director Bio

Mickey Lai

Mickey Lai is an emerging filmmaker who is interested in developing stories about diverse cultural values, mortality, and self-identity.

For You, Forever 21 (那年二十一)

Pei Szi Wong Profile Image

Malaysia202211 minMandarin with English subtitlesDirected By Women, Drama

On her 21st birthday, A Xin, who studied abroad in Taiwan, meets her brother who came from Malaysia.

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Director Bio

Pei Szi Wong

From learning how to shoot to archiving a film, Wong Pei Szi is a Malaysian student who studies abroad in Taiwan.



Content Warning: Depictions of violence, guns, death, suicide

10 Nov, 2023 5:30 pm

TIFF Bell Lightbox C3


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