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China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South KoreaEnglish and Various Languages Action, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Experimental, Horror, Thriller

Caught in a standstill, these films follow the choices made and risks taken by characters to impel even the smallest of pivots.



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9 Nov, 2019 1:15 pm





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The Taste of Pho

What does a hot bowl of lovingly prepared soup remind you of? The taste of home? The warm embrace of a loved one? For Long, a widower and cook at a Vietnamese restaurant in Warsaw, his famous pho is his pride, and his grade-school daughter Mia is his joy. But their world changes when the restaurant is sold, forcing Long to learn to make sushi. Meanwhile, Mia is frustrated by her father's caring but old-fashioned ways, while fearing he is moving on from the memory of her late mother.

12 Nov. 10:00 am - 19 Nov. 11:59 pm

Artistic Statement

These six dynamic films touch upon art not solely as a creative practice for self expression but an integral force in making space, along with the responsibilities that come with it.

12 Nov. 10:00 am - 19 Nov. 11:59 pm

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